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    United States of America
    Maximum length of incoming sheet (in) 98.22 maximum width of incoming sheet (in) 62.99 maximum diagonal (in) 98.42 maximum bending force (blades) kn 330 maximum bending force (blankholder) kn 530 maximum bending height (in) 6.49 maximum bending length (in) 85.82 max. thickness an...

Investing in new or used metal-forming equipment is normally the first requirement whensetting-up a new fabrication business, or a good way to pump life into an existing one. The market is full of new and used metal-forming machines for sale and new models will appear at MachineSpotter.com every second day. MachineSpotter.com is the go-to industry solution to finding reliable, affordable and wide-ranging metal-forming machines.

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