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CNC Lathes(244)

Facing Lathes(6)

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Multi-Spindle Lathes(8)

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Turret Lathes(9)

Vertical Lathes(61) lists a wide variety of metal-cutting machines tools for sale. You can explore our inventory to select used and new metal-cutting machines in accordance with your specific business requirements, regardless of whether you’re a multi-national blue-chip OEM or a family-run subcontractor.

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Machine Spotter

Machine Spotter is UK’s leading online marketplace for machine tools. We offer used lathes and turning centres across a wide range of categories to meet the needs of every kind of business. Longitudinal turning, facing, profiling and live tool work on metal, plastic and wood, can be done faster, better and more reliably using the lathes you can pick up here.

We understand that with different kinds of businesses and different needs for specialist machines, we have to do more than simply offer a small set of options. We proudly provide the largest range of lathes available. One glance through our gallery and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

We have something for every budget; if you’re looking for an excellent machine within your price range, rest assured you’ve come to the right place. Whatever your business, you’ll find the appropriate machine to serve your needs. These machines are sturdy and can withstand large numbers of repeat operations at peak efficiency.

We offer the following categories of lathes. Within each category, you’ll find options across several brands and price points. Choose whichever suits your business needs the best and become the proud owner of a high quality machine.

Centre Lathes

Rely on these durable lathes to perform a variety of basic tasks with high precision. Able to create cylindrical parts between headstock and tailstock with ease, our centre lathes are very popular at machine shops around the world, and are increasing in demand by the day.

Turret Lathes

These lathes feature an indexable tool-holder (turret) that allows multiple cutting operations to be performed in the same set-up. Ideal for that extra productivity boost on more complex parts, our turret lathes offer a world of possibilities for business owners and machine shop managers.

Capstan Lathes

Featuring a lathe with a revolving tool-holder (known as a capstan) which enables several tools to be permanently mounted, our economical, time-saving and efficient capstan lathes are among the best on offer worldwide.

Turning Centres

Using one of our many advanced bar- and billet-fed CNC turning centre models means that your turning work is taken care of. If you need multi-spindle, multi-turret machines capable of simultaneous live tooling applications, then look no further.

Vertical Lathes

You’ll find in stock some excellent vertical lathes to take care of boring, turning, grinding, milling and several other operations. With space-saving designs and long-term durability, you can expect a superior standard of machining with our selection.

Electronic Lathes

Popular in the education and training sector, our electronic ‘teach’ lathes are among the latest in circulation.

We believe that for business to grow, the foundation has to be strong. Our used lathes make it possible to promise higher and higher standards of workmanship to your clients. Buy from Machine Spotter today and you’ll be patting yourself on the back for years.